About Betty

Betty Gbehi’s salon, Betty’s Mode de France, has been  in Houston for nearly 3 years. Gbehi She is of African descent. After high school, at age 15, Gbehi spent training at Technique Coiffure.  Her education stop there.  Gbehi spent another year studying hair color application.

Gallery1I migrated to the United States as a hair dressing and gave birth to “Betty’s Mode de France” in the Bayou City.

Betty, as her customers affectionately call her, s movers and shakers while at her hair salon.

In addition to attending to her client’s every need, Gbehi has making Houston’s new  For more than 1 years, she made sure many of Houston’s TV  when delivering the news.  She was the hairstylist for at KH11 and KR 26. Gbehi is also a stylist to the stars.  Shemovie stars, network anchors and network stars.

Gbehi’s talents don’t stop at hairstyling. She alsoMany of her creations, TV news personalities Houston.

Gbehi’s talents compliment her knoof style. Many of Ho wardrobe consultant.  She has also often been hir bridal ensambles. Which is why KHO inter the wedding of the century ofWill Middle.

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